Talks, visits and conferences
with Martin Dorey #2minutebeachclean founder

Martin Dorey, our Founder, is available for talks and lectures, beach cleans and school visits. He is a TEDeX speaker and has spoken at lots of conferences and events, including The Blue Flag Nations Conference in Holland, The Festival of Hope at The Eden project, The Cleans Coasts Awards in Dublin, The Bude Wave Conference, TEDeX Kiel University and the Tom Talks at Bournemouth University. He has also spoken at primary and secondary schools around the West Country and led and inspired beach clean projects, including our first record–breaking mass #2minutebeachclean with 290 students from Bideford College.

Much of the work Martin does for the #2minutebeachclean movement is done for love. Lectures are a way of raising funds for our campaign to pay our phone bill, our admin costs and to keep our campaign going.

In his ‘day job’ Martin is a writer and one time TV presenter. He presented a 10 part series for BBC2 that was inspired by his first book, The Camper Van Cookbook and was a judge on BBC2’s Caravanner of the Year in 2016. He occasionally does cooking demos at food and camping festivals.

Martin Speaking

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  • The #2minutebeachclean story
  • How social media can make a difference
  • Why every act makes a difference

Visits and lectures are a big part of our message. People who hear about the #2minutebeachclean story find it very inspiring. It’s a great story. From one tweet to a network of beach clean stations around the UK and Ireland, thousands of tweets and Instagram posts and thousands of minutes of beach clean time. Every lecture and visit helps us to continue with our campaign and to pay our way, phone bills and accountants’ fees.