Welcome to The 2 Minute Beach School!

We are so pleased that you have found your way here, to join us as we learn about our coasts and oceans. Join us and find out what YOU can do to protect the oceans!


We teach, right on the beach in Bude. And, for those who can’t make it to the beach, we provide inspirational online resources here.

Our outside classroom is naturally inspiring, ignites imagination and confidence in everyone whilst developing a love of the ocean.

You can join in on a drop-in group or book your class or entire school for an all day session with us. Students are taught all things coastal from learning about the tides, to understanding the intrinsic like between plastic and climate change. Our sessions are full of environmental based games and learning too, with a whole heap of inspiration. Whether you are a tot or a retiree, you’ll explore our beaches, delve into rockpools and discover our coastal habitats.


Come and visit us and explore our coastlines for free! Just get in touch with CLAIRE and we will be happy to tailor something for you.

All you need to do is get your group to the beach and then ensure you have the staff numbers present during the session so we’ve the right adult to child ratios.

We can work with you to deliver sessions that fit in with your curriculum from plastic pollution to coastal erosion and climate change. They are completely stand-alone or we could work with a group on a regular basis, linking in with our overarching themes of outdoor, environmental education. It really is flexible so that your students get the most out of the experience. Our tag line of “Educate. Inspire. Protect.” sums it up in a nutshell.

What about an Inset Day?

If staff at your school would like a taster of what your students could experience, then why not book in for an Inset Day session? This could be for a couple of hours or a full day.

Can’t get to Bude?

No problem, let us come to you! Either virtually or in person, we are happy to come along and take part in assemblies, classes or after school clubs. Q and A’s, live demonstrations from our beach, and anything in between, we can make it happen.

If we do come to you, we charge out an expense fee that can be disclosed when we chat.


We are here to help you to provide that little bit of extra environmental education at home!

If you are a little too far to visit us in person we are excited to bring our beach into your home, and make you fall in love with it too! Not only will you learn all about our coastline and all the creatures that inhabit it, but we’ll also show you what you can do to protect it, 2 Minutes at a time. Check out our online lessons below! For associated resources, email Claire.


We have timetabled classes running year-round for:

  • Home educated children
  • Adult groups and individuals
  • Family groups

To book, head to our eventbrite page to pick the session that suits you best!

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The 2 Minute Beach School has got you covered! Our 4 qualified primary, secondary and post 16 teachers look forward to working with you. Liam, Fiona and Claire all specialise in different areas of our beach school meaning that you get the right person for your needs. Come and join us!


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We are very grateful to the 2 Minute Beach School supporters, who allow, and have allowed us in the past to run these sessions totally FREE to everyone who wishes to attend.

Lesson 1

Welcome to our beach!

For our first lesson we will be taking you on a tour of our beach here in Bude, Cornwall and showing you some of the different geographical beach features you can find here. Learn a bit about beach cleaning, draw a picture, and hear all about our poster competition!

Lesson 2

Plastic in our Classroom

For our second lesson we will be taking you voyage of discovering, finding out about marine plastics and what happens to them in the sea. Learn a bit about how plastic gets to the sea and plastic gyres. You can do your own experiment and decide on a 2 Minute Solution!

Lesson 3

Nurdles and Nets

For our third lesson we will be looking at the some of the largest and smallest items of marine plastic with a lesson title of Nurdles and Nets. We will be looking at facts, exploring solutions and having a chance to use your creative writing skills, you will also hear more about our poster competition!

Lesson 4

Tides and Pools

For our fourth lesson we will be looking at the tides and pools. We will be looking at what creates tides, different tidal zones and the creatures that live in them. You will also hear more about our poster competition!

  • Look, Say, Cover, Write Word | PDF
  • Parent, Carer and Teacher Notes Word | PDF

Lesson 5

Seaweeds and Sustainability

For our fifth lesson we will be looking at seaweeds and sustainability. We will be looking at what seaweeds are and identifying some. We will also be looking at sustainable harvesting and activities you can get involved with. You will also hear more about our poster competition!

  • Pressing Seaweed Instructions Word | PDF
  • Seaweed and Land Plants Match and Sort Word | PDF
  • Summary Tables for Objectives Word | PDF
  • True or False Quiz Word | PDF
  • True or False Quiz Answers Word | PDF
  • Parent, Carer and Teacher Notes Word | PDF

Lesson 6

Cliffs and Dunes

Cliffs and Dunes

For our next lesson we will be looking at cliffs and dunes. We will be looking at the composition of sand, exploring the dune and cliff systems and looking at our impact upon these coastal systems, as well as the flora and fauna you can find there!

  • Parent, Carer and Teacher Notes Word | PDF

Lesson 7

2 Minutes On The Beach – Tides

Join us for a mini video, showing YOU how to experiment with the tides on your beach!

Lesson 8

2 Minutes On The Beach – Seaweed Pressing

We will show you how, in just 2 Minutes, YOU can find some seaweed and turn it into a really cool piece of art!

Lesson 9

2 Minutes On The Beach – How Salty Is Your Water?

In just 2 Minutes, you can do an experiment to see how salty the water is in different parts of your beach. Grab a friend and have a competition to find the saltiest spot!

Lesson 10

2 Minutes On The Beach – Seaweed Surveys

We will show you how, in just 2 Minutes, YOU can find some seaweed and contribute to scientific surveys!

Lesson 11

2 Minutes On The Beach – How to do a beach clean

In just 2 Minute YOU can make a real difference to our beaches. Find out how!

Lesson 12

2 Minutes On The Beach – We are going on an egg hunt!

Keep your eyes peeled for some real treasures on our beaches, and help us understand more about our coastlines!

The 2 Minute Foundation is a Charitable Incorporated Organisation (CIO number 1185614). Registered Office: c/o 2 St Helen’s Close, Croyde, Devon, EX33 1PW.